so you are a student, what else

The shaku shaku dancer of yesterday has to learn zanku or be left off the dance floor. You need to match the pace in order to remain relevant, even as a student.

The thought probably crosses your mind more often than you would like it to, but you have become accustomed to brushing it into the back of your mind. Abegiii” , you have probably thought, when I graduate Ill figure that one out.

You have heard stories and noticed the trend changing, but how would you fit in? One moment youre talking with your mate and the next, theyre making a big fuss about some skill they have or one thing theyre passionate about. Its fine. Heres how not to feel left out:

1. Find out what you like doing. The digital skill that would set you apart is very likely in the direction of something youre passionate about. If your passion is something abstract, thats also fine. Just keep it in mind.

2. What are you current skills? Even something as simplistic as writing could be developed to give you such a fantastic edge as a student. Dont brush off anything you already can do.

3. You dont have any skills? Thats alright, a lot of those having digital skills now had previously never been exposed to them. All they had was the willingness to learn. With that, and time, you can master any skill you choose.

4. Pick a skill. While this might be tricky, if you have considered all the previous steps, it will become easier. It is often best to pick a skill that can augment your passion(or course of study), or that is tied to the skills you already have and your willingness to learn.

5. Signup for the StudiHub boot camp. We will be providing an opportunity for you to learn whichever skill you might decide on. We realize the importance of these skills and have decided to equip people like you with them. We hope you can join us.

our fast changing world requires us to continually stay ahead of the curve. the skilled shaku shaku dancer of yesterday has to learn zanku or be left off the dance floor. you need to match the pace in order to remain relevant, even as a student.

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So tell us, taking into cognizance all these steps listed,
what skill would you be interested in learning?

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