How to score Above 250 in JAMB 2019

We have clearly taken out the time to research what it takes to score above 250 in jamb, and we want our readers to learn from the experiences of past candidates, both the successful and the unsuccessful candidates of the pasts years. Endeavour to read this article and apply it to the full if you want to pass.

Let's Begin!

Start preparing early

If  you want to write an exam like JAMB-UTME you should have already started your preparation. All students who scored higher than 280 in their UTME, began preparations month before the exam, giving them enough time to familiarize themselves with various topics and how questions would be set from those topics. 

Start reading on time

You need to begin your preparation Now!

lol, but not like the way Mr Simpson is reading in the image.

You can use the following techniques to get you ready.


Use the exam syllabus as a guide

If you haven’t seen the JAMB-UTME syllabus you can download it here

Students who make use of the provided syllabus to guide them while studying prepare more effectively.

The syllabus is provided to inform students on the topics they need to read and the recommended text they need to read for the various topics.

For example in my 2013 UTME I read the topics on from Textbooks provided in the syllabus and this gave me an edge in scoring high.


Read with past questions

Contrary to the popular idea of just studying and memorizing past questions to prepare for the exam, there is a more effective technique; Studying topics and answering questions based on topics.

Break what ever subject you want to study down into topics (topics gotten from the provided syllabus). When that is done, study one topic at a time, study one topic enough until you feel you have understood that topic.

When you feel comfortable you can proceed to the past question booklet and mark out questions relating only to that topic, for example in Maths Fractions, Decimals, Approximations and Percentages is a topic in the Mathematic syllabus provided by JAMB.

You can select UTME maths past questions of 5 years (2014-2018)  and pick only questions from this topic and try to solve them on your own, without looking at the solution first.

At first it might be difficult, and you may fail some questions, but it is better to understand how questions come out from that topic and pass every question that comes from that topic during exam than fail it.

When you do this, one topic at a time, you would have become so good at answering topic related questions, that, no matter how the questions come out you can answer them correctly as fast as possible.


Timing is very important

Every exam is timed, and the exam you are about to write is a CBT exam, and the timing is very accurate and the time might be shorter than what you expect. Over the years there have been many cases of persons not finishing the exam before the system logs them out, this has been attributed to a few factors but the most important factors i will explain below.

Firstly when preparing for the exam, many students forget to time themselves, and therefore are not familiar with time taken to answer each question. To avoid this, you should always time yourself to answer questions at lesser time than than the actual exam time. As stated since 2017, jamb would allow 2 hours for there exams and a total of 180 questions, leaving you with less than a minute with each question, but not to worry, you can still beat the time doing this:


1.) Answer non calculation questions first. These are questions you can answer in seconds

2.) Answer Questions you are familiar with next. When you are done answering all non-calculation questions, you can click back to the questions you can solve with ease, or questions you have solved prior to the exam.


3.) Solve the complicated calculation questions last. Solving these questions last would give you enough time to go over all that is necessary.

if you follow these steps you would discover you are left with more time than you anticipated, and you can use this time to go over questions you are not sure of, and double check and see if all your answers are correct.


Use Learning Resources

Reading recommended textbooks, would help you understand core topics required in the exam, to have a deeper understanding that would help you excel even after you have gained admission into the higher institution is to explore other learning resources like videos and audio materials. provides videos, notes, practice questions, and qualified tutors to help students preparing for exam pass better.


We know that if you follow this guide judiciously, you would score above 300 in your 2019 jamb. we cant wait to hear your scores. Please share and inspire others, send us and email at or follow us social media




Thank you!