Hello fam and welcome to the Christmas season. It’s not yet Christmas but if you’re anything like me you should know the drill (it’s never too early/late to build yourself). There’s a rave about making an impact wherever you find yourself but why not make an impact on those around you and more importantly YOURSELF. I guess sleeping and watching videos all day make sense but there are a whole of other activities to engage in during the holidays. The holidays can be a fun-filled period and also be a period to gain more both educationally, experiential, and monetarily. As we all have come to know, our society basically runs on network; Network in the sense of the people who you know and can access. Building and enhancing your network is very essential, and the fastest way to build your network is by meeting new people. The phrase ‘your network is equal to your net-worth’ is true, plus the upcoming strike should give you more time to build yourself. Some activities you can engage in during the holiday are;
Learning new skills
Interning at firms
Ushering/ Volunteering
Enrolling for online courses
Attending conferences or seminars

These days’ companies do not rely on the basic skills taught to students in the Universities. Skills like active listening, management of personnel, quality control, coordination and time management are on a constant decline on being sought after. Firms no longer rely on these skills but instead they rely on skills like;
Analytical thinking and innovation
Complex problem solving
Technology design and programming
Leadership and social influence
Creativity, originality, and initiative
The list goes on and on. Adapting a new and relevant skill is very important and the holidays can be a very good time to develop on one’s self.
Apart from adopting skills for company work, there are also other skills that can be adopted for personal development e.g. culinary skills, fashion, arts (writing, dancing, designing), web designing, comprehensive knowledge of computer operations (programming, designing, coding), wood conversion, photography etc. Sourcing for ways to get new information about things also comes in very handy (research).
Honing already possessed skills is also very important and can be a fun way to easily develop one’s self as you are no longer a novice and can do a whole lot on your own. Learning new skills will never cease to be an easy way to improve on yourself and give you a better boost in the financial and employment market. Nowadays you get paid for your value not your time. Skill learning will never be cliché but do remember to acquire skills that can be useful to you in various fields.

It is no longer a secret that various firms pay students who intern with them. This is a very easy way to develop your persona, get busy during the holiday, make monetary profits, and learn more. Various firms accept students from a variety of study fields. This is to help them increase their work output and can help you increase your knowledge bank, and get this; they also give gifts (apart from the monthly pay). The links below show some firms that accept students for internship programs, do well to check them out. There are also online jobs for students that pay quite well. You can also search for firms online and find what and where suits you.

Volunteering is the silent ambassador of your experiences. Becoming a volunteer at various conferences earns you; free entry, easy access to sponsors and speakers, and most of all free stuff. We cannot count the number of times volunteers have built a very impressive CV under the wing of the activities they have volunteered for.
Ushering at events is also like volunteering but most times you get paid for ushering. You can usher at events like; weddings, conferences, etc. it comes under the arm of volunteering and can help you meet new people and build a better network.

Finding a suitable course of study online is also a good way to spend your holiday. You’re not going anywhere but just have to stare at your computer or phone and learn. Courses like web designing, graphic designing, finance, etc. can be easily found online. Just make sure to find a course which you can afford the cost.
You can also enroll into competitions that challenge you mentally. Competitions like writing competitions, innovation competitions, creativity competitions, etc. Always make sure to enroll for something you can handle but still challenges you and makes you learn more.

This can take up money as in transportation depending on where the conference you’re attending is being held and where you’re coming from (where you live). Most conferences do not require a gate fee. I’ve attended several conferences which did not require me paying a dime for entry like; The Colloquium, GELA, Young Leaders Forum, etc. Most of these conferences are being organized by students and are very educative.
You can also apply for scholarships and get them. The opportunities during the holidays are endless. Some scholarship seeking sites include;
https://www.afterschoolafrica.com › Blog › Scholarships › More› List of Scholarships

Also visit sites like these listed below for more school information. Remember, constantly improving one’s self never goes out of style.
https://www.pulse.ng › Communities › Student