We here at Studihub say a big welcome to all people entering into the University this 2018/2019 session, either newly or otherwise. For newbies, you’d need a few documents to help make your clearance process smooth, easy, and stress-free. It’s no secret that the clearance process in the University can be tiring, but here are a few tips to help you skip the draining process.
1. Make sure all documents needed are available. These documents include;
Post-UTME or Direct Entry screening result
Jamb Original Result
Jamb Acknowledgement Slip (for DE students)
Jamb Admission Letter
School Admission Letter
A’ Level Result (for DE students)
O’ Level Result (for both DE and Post-UTME)
Birth Certificate, if not available a Declaration of Age will do just fine
Local Government Arrears (LGA) certificate
And other little documents which you might deem as not important.
During the University clearance you’ll need a lot of passports.
2. Tardiness is a strict no no. Stick to the assigned date. Try as much as possible to be available early enough.
3. Do not disregard any information passed by the clearance officers. Here’s a fact that may come as a surprise; during clearance they are supreme and whether you like it or not you have to obey their orders.
4. Do not forget to check the School’s portal which you applied for. This is very crucial as information from the school is passed through this means.
5. Do not dress shabbily, I repeat do not dress shabbily to your clearance. Anything and everything can upset the minds of your clearance officer. Plus you probably already know better than to make a bad first impression.
These few tips are easier ways we believe you can adopt to make your clearance stress-free, either as a Direct Entry student or as a Post-UTME students. We wish you all the best.