The universe is becoming more interesting as the day goes by. Things are being done digitally in a serene environment.


My friend is a stay at home mum. She makes thousands of Naira daily through a skill she acquired during her undergraduate days. I was in awe the last time I visited her, I thought she had a white collar job, but NO She’s a digital marketer! She took that bold step some years back and now she’s benefiting from it. 





🤔 What’s life like after school?

🤔 Why is skill acquisition program compulsory at the NYSC orientation


Have you ever sat down and have a rethink about the above questions?

Thousands of entrepreneurs are making it out there in the digital world. I heard of a (lady) mechanic that uses laptop to repair cars, how does she do it? You too can learn it and become a pro.

My friend has never crossed the Nigeria border but got a cool and intelligent job. He works with Google! These people make bags of money from home.

So what’s stopping you from getting that skill? All you need is a one on one conversation with an Expert tutor to get started. Don’t bury your dreams. Stand up! Live it! Love it! Go for it and make the world a better place with the help of StudiHUB.


StudiHUB bootcamp 2.0 begins this march. This is as an opportunity for you to acquire a job relevant digital skill, get training certificates and still gain work experience because StudiHUB as partnered with reputable brands in Edo state to provide internships Skilled participants.


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