Hello examinees, today’s main focus is going to be on the science subjects that are written during JAMB examination; Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Computer, etc. Most students are of the opinion that the science subjects are tough and a bore, so instead of learning and understanding the formulas, associated diseases, areas, etc. they cram everything (sometimes word for word, and most times alphabet for alphabet). It doesn’t come as a surprise that those examinees end up failing the subjects after forgetting a few or more lines, and then draw up the popular conclusion of most science subjects being easier than others.


 StudiHUB is offering a few tested and noteworthy methods of preparing and writing the science subjects during JAMB;

  1. Do Not Cram:

This has to be the most important rule in the book. Cramming information seems easy and almost a sure way out, but cramming is giving the brain very little time to process a truck of information. This method seldom goes well for any examinee. We suggest that instead of cramming and jamming information, you can associate formulas, calculations, body parts, reactions, chemicals, etc. with words, objects, and even songs (like the first 20 chemicals, Avogadro’s Law).

Best Preparation For JAMB Science Subjects
if you can’t seem to remember or memorize properly, try turning it into a song. one with a peculiar rhythm
  • Use Acronyms:

Acronyms go a long way in storing information. To acronymize a phrase, you have to form a word or abbreviation from the first letters of a series of words (e.g. MR NIGER D). This method has saved a lot of lives and time in the examination hall. It’s easier to remember as the words come in a string and are associated. So we are officially giving you the permission to acronymize any phrase, under any topic.

  • Be Vigilant:

A lot of questions are repeated every year during the JAMB Examinations but on a lot of occasions these questions have a minor change. This change could be a value, an element, an organ, etc. Research has shown that our subconscious mind are pre-ordered so that when such questions come up, we peruse the question and look for the pre-known answer. To overcome this single cause of failure, you have to read and understand the question before attempting to answer it.

  • Be Time Conscious:

 Each subject and question has been allocated a specific amount of time. There have been several occurrences of examinees spending too much time on one question or subject. We strictly advise that the question be skipped. Yes, SKIP THAT QUESTION! Move on to the next subject, the solution, formulae, or answer to the skipped question will come to you; Better to solve 9 questions leaving one behind than to expend your much of your time on one question.


  • Have a Reading Time-Table:

A time table that well suits your schedule cannot be over-emphasized. Since you already know what subjects you’ll be writing, setting a study table and sticking to it comes in very handy. You can never be over-prepared for anything, so why not put up with all the discomforts and end up being gratified for all your study efforts. Never place two difficult subjects on the same day. Break up your reading into chunks.

Best Preparation for JAMB Science Subjects
there’s always an easier way with StudiHUB
  • Our last and final tip would be to never leave your working materials (pen, pencils, mathematical set) at home. They shouldn’t be anywhere that is not with you and within your examination center. Please do not forget the graph measurements and calculations, mathematical formulas, physics and chemical formulas, chemical reaction, laws, body parts, diseases, and all. And if you think you might forget, please ACRONYMIZE.
JAMB has been StudiHUB-BED
StudiHUB is the new simple

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 A friendly reminder that; JAMB Examinations commences in a few weeks. We wish you all the examination success in the world.