About us

Students are an exceptional part of the Nigerian society, a building block for a better future. We at studiHUB believe that by delivering the right amount of educational content, we would alleviate some of the challenges students face.

What is StudiHUB?

StudiHUB rightly pronounced as study-HUB is an online educational content provider. It was founded on a few main principles;


  • Delivering quality educational content

    Our team of skilled writers, researchers and developers work tirelessly to make sure what we offer you the best of our findings.


  • Team spirit

    We know no man is an island, and two minds think better than one, that’s why we value our team’s commitment and work habits, we work as a singularity to deliver on time and online 🙂


  • Customer Loyalty

    We are like a loyal puppy, we know we can’t survive without you that why we value your presence.

Meet Our Team

Desmond Ezo-Ojile

He is a entrepreneur and the founder of studiHUB. He is a seasoned technologist with vast knowledge in web development and embedded systems. Desmond loves to enjoy a good meal, i mean who doesn’t? 🙂 He is passionate about creativity and innovation that’s why he founded studiHUB.

Ezo-Ojile Desmond
Web Developer/Animal Scientist